eBooks on Watchmaking - Reference and Normal Books
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The eBooks for sale here are all in PDF format.  There are many advantages to using these PDFs 

  1. Portability you can read these on your PC, iPad, or any other device that can read PDFs
  2. Searching - this is an extremely powerful feature that allow you to utilize these documents in ways never available to you previously.  No need to use an index when you can find every occurrence of a word/phrase in the entire document
  3. Economical - the cost of the PDFs are lower than the price you would pay for a used copy of the book.  This assume you can even find a copy of it.  And, there's no shipping costs
  4. Saves Space - rather than fill your bookshelf with books, you can fill your PC with the same books but with no physical space required
  5. No restrictions - my PDFs do not have any restrictions on printing or use on multiple devices

You will quickly see that my eBooks are unlike the typical scans you see of free watchmaking books floating around the internet. We've all seen and downloaded these scanned books. These are not your typical watchmaking PDFs....

All of the eBooks (PDFs) were scanned in high resolution and underwent significant digital image processing customized to that book to get the text as readable as possible.  These are not simple "put the book on the scanner and press scan to PDF button".  Most took a week's worth of work or more to complete.

For most of the books, the binding of the book was cut off completely so that each individual page laid completely flat on the scanner bed making for a cleaner, clearer image that doesn't have the seam of the book visible.  

Producing eBooks that are clearer and more readable than the original text is the target set for every book in this archive of books.

You will typically receive several different resolutions of your book.   The largest PDF files have every page being the raw scan with no compression.  These are large files (over 100 MB for some books) that still perform very well.  The smallest PDFs are potentially quicker to load and navigate on slower machines.

All of the PDFs were made using a commercial grade OCR engine thus making them searchable.  Despite the unusual layouts, old catalog pages that have aged, etc, searches bring you to the exact spot in the document that has the text you are seeking. One tip - use the search that will find all places in the document that match your search. This hotkey wirks for all PDF readers. Press Control + Shift + F.

Instructions are supplied to you immediately upon purchase.

Please look for your download instructions on your purchase confirmation page. You will also receive an email with the instructions. Should you lose these instructions, you may return and access your account information that has your past purchases if you chose to setup an account.

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Enjoy using them for your pleasure!